Our Approach

Tailored security solutions.

Our Approach

ASP 's objective is to propose mitigation services to avoid all together, manage, control and/or minimize the risks that may affect its client's operations.

We strive to reach the highest standards of honest and ethical behavior by promoting integrity and good governance. We also endeavor to integrate within the countries where we operate by understanding, and following local customs and unwritten laws. Also by promoting professionalism by sharing experience and developing educational programs.

Our goal is to capitalize on the regions where we are already implemented as well as our capacity of projection to assist in case of a crisis. Our short term objectives are to strengthen the set-ups we have in the countries where we operate 365d/y. Since most of the administrative and logistic costs are covered it allows us to provide top quality services at competitive prices.

Argus Security Project's success lies in the selection of its staff, partners, equipment and the development of long term relationships with its clients in order to provide better security services according to their requirements.

Our mission is to offer tailored security solutions.

Compliance / Memberships

ISO 14001
ISO 9001
ISO 45001
ISO 18788