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Argus Support Projects (ASP) is an international equipment supply company that provides security equipment, logistics and training for our clients. We work with clients from the defence, energy and financial sectors, as well as diplomatic missions and international organizations operating in high-risk, complex and volatile environments.


We offer a wide range of equipment to support all types of operations. With a varied network of suppliers, we are able to find the equilibrium of price, quality and delivery time to match our clients’ needs.

Tactical vests, gloves, hats, tactical rigs, belts, holsters, ear protection, glasses, goggles, slings.

Argus Support Projects in an official distributor of LALO tactical boots and footwear.

Individual first aid kits (IFAKS), burn kits, hydration packs, defibrillators, stretchers, transport cases.

Helmets, ballistic vests and plates, shields, ballistic briefcases.

Tactical entry kits, manual and hydraulic breaching tools, bolt cutters, sledgehammers

Binoculars, laser range finders, night vision, red dot sights, riflescopes, tactical flashlights and lasers, thermal imaging.

Bomb suits, Remotely Operated Vehicles (demining robots), search and detection tools, jammers.

VHF/UHF radios, antennas, mobile units, receivers

Armoured, soft skin.

Tents, barriers, water treatment, sanitation, mobile kitchens, generators


With access to a well-established logistics network, we can provide various options for delivery of your order. We are in a position to arrange the most reliable, trusted and time-efficient logistics provider to match your requirements.

Logistics Services: Air freight, ocean freight, express courier, trailer service and air chartering


In addition to the products we offer, we are able to match it with professional training. A technical education is essential for the correct operation and maintenance of equipment. Depending on the origin of goods, training can be offered on site of the manufacturer or in-country.

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