Towards a new ISO certification targeting private security companies

September, 2020

ASP Ltd received the EUROCERT1 team from Greece in September, in the process of attaining certification as per ISO 18788:2015, a new management system for private security operations.

Louis Loizou, ISO management consultant2 for ASP attended the two days meeting held in Nicosia.

ASP is already certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 since 2014 and member of ICOCA. The framework for the ISO 18788 standard targets specifically private security companies, providing the principles and requirements for a security operations management system (SOMS) and giving emphasis to law and respect for human rights. "Human rights is key aspect in our core of business, explained Helios Demange, ASP Director, especially now that ASP is growing through some partnerships and acquisition".

ISO 18788:2015 prescribes a business and risk management framework for organizations conducting or contracting security operations and related activities and functions while demonstrating conduct of professional security operations to meet the requirements of clients and other stakeholders, accountability to law and respect for human rights and also consistency with voluntary commitments to which it subscribes.



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