Statement of Conformance

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Statement of Conformance

ASP respects all people. This includes our personnel, our clients, the local communities within which we operate. We are committed to systematically work with our clients to provide our private security services, protecting all their assets, responsibility and with respect to human rights. We understand fully the expectation from our clients, communities where we operate, business partners and external providers to operate responsibly and in conformance with international and national laws and associated international guidelines and human rights. Key prerequisites to this commitment are our Code of Conduct and statement of ethical business practices.

Private security operations carry an elevated risk of encountering human rights issues and confronting local culture and interference with the freedom of people. ASP seeks to mitigate this risk as effectively as possible by ensuring that the principles outlined within, inter alia, the ASP Code of Conduct and statement of ethical business practices, are strictly adhered to and that all personnel are made aware of these commitments and understand their absolute importance. This is supported by are well developed risk management and stakeholder engagement process which encompasses all stages of our operations.

We are committed to the UN guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the International Code of Conduct Association for Private Security Providers (ICoCA), the Voluntary Principles and applicable local, national and international laws and guidelines. ASP is an active member of the ICoCA and the UN Global Compact. Elements of this responsible approach include:

  • Our consistent focus on providing the very highest quality services across all our offerings as per ANSI:PSC1 and ISO:18788, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards – Integrated Management System (IMS).
  • Managing risks throughout our operations
  • Ensure that our staff, partners, suppliers and where appropriate, clients are rigorously and fairly vetted during any selection process.
  • On boarding of new clients and external providers partners and personnel as well as their continuous evaluation is done as much as practicable as per our standards.
  • Ensuring that all our staff’s working environment is as safe and healthy as possible.
  • Training is at the very centre of ASP’s philosophy, therefore we work with internal and external suitably qualified trainers.
  • Fair remuneration and compensation for personnel and external providers.
  • Adherence to sustainability principles in all our procurement processes.
  • Respect local cultures.

When providing security in complex environments disruptive events can and do occur. When they do ASP’s procedures and processes are designed to provide a robust framework for response and resolution. At all times we seek to mitigate the impact of a disruptive event with the focus being on as smooth and as quick a reversion to normal operations as possible. If an event has an adverse impact on human rights ASP uses all possible permissible actions to remedy the situation.

Our performance management process:

  • Monitors performance levels against targets continuously
  • Sets rules for the identification of any a negative occurrence and its declaration as appropriate
  • Provides a systematic approach to cause analysis and speedy reactions
  • Sets targets for complete resolution and closure of the incident
  • Builds on lessons learnt

Moreover, our grievance procedure is in line with ICoCA requirements. The procedure provides an accessible process for receiving and responding to internal and external complaints.

  • When applicable a complaint will be referred to the relevant legal system.
  • ASP has in place a fair and robust staff warning and disciplinary structure and this will be activated if any employee breaches the ASP Code of Conduct and or the statement of ethical business practices.

Top Management is committed fully to this statement and has the responsibility to Lead the organisation to is implementation.

This statement is publicly is regularly revised and available. Complaints, grievances and or any other comments or clarifications should be addressed to:

Helios Demange

Director, Security Advisor
For and on behalf of Argus Security Projects Ltd.
17 September 2020