Security guards training: a new ASP quality standard

March, 2017

Several issues are addressed within the framework of the security guards training (level 1) recently created by Argus Security Projects (ASP), ranging from Human rights to use of force according to local law.

The objective is simple: to guarantee a quality standard for the customers by ensuring that the rules of ethics and the procedures are well integrated by the staff who will operate on the ground.

“Our priority is to ensure that rules and operating procedures are applied, particularly in countries at risk. For example, it seems essential that local guards understand and assimilate the fact that in no circumstances they should replace the local police”, explained Ghassan Hanna, ASP country Manager in Mauritania.

The first round of training was conducted in Mauritania. 40 local security guards employed by ASP under a contract with the mining company Kinross were trained. "We have developed a comprehensive internal training with a global approach," continues Ghassan Hanna.

The subjects covered meet international standards of quality such as human rights (according to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights), the framework for the use of force in accordance with local law, risk reduction measures, conflict management among staff, the international code of conduct ICOCA, of which ARGUS is certified member.

"These trainings are now an integral part of our proposals under current and future contracts," said Benoit Gros, Head of Customer Development for the ASP Group.