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Argos, Argus in Latin, had received the title of the panopticon (Πανόπτης Panopticon, "he who sees everything"). The son of Agenor and Gaia (or of Arestor and Lycene), Argos was a giant who had a hundred eyes around his head, and even in his deepest sleep could only close about fifty of them, so it was impossible to deceive his vigilance.

Hera gave him custody of lo, a young girl whom Zeus fell in love with and had transformed her into a heifer to hide this idyll from his wife.

Argos stood guard so zealously that Zeus himself had to seek help from Hermes who, disguised as a shepherd, sat beside him and played a tune on his flute to put him to sleep completely and kill him. According to Greek mythology, the "eyes" visible on the tail of peacock were placed there by Hera to commemorate his faithful watchman, Argos, the giant with a hundred eyes (Ovid I, 625).

Beyond the symbolism of faithfulness and vigilance, the legend remains timeless, reminding the concept of “zero risk” does not exist and that any security setup can be improved

Argos 100 eyes
Peacock Tail